We are Sugar x Spice Apparel, an online thrifted fashion company that reworks clothing into trendy pieces you'll love.

Sugar x Spice Apparel is a fashion brand that flips thrift clothing into unique trendy pieces you'll love. We strive to bring shoppers the trendiest styles from design to concept, straight to the customers' doorstep. We offer services of custom orders whether its tie-dye, bleach dye, hand-painted clothing, and re-designed clothing

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About the Founders

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Co-Founders Haley & Jenna came up with the idea of Sugar x Spice apparel out of their love of shopping at thrift stores. Being broke college kids, they would use those clothes and flip them into trendy pieces. They started this in the basement of Haley and Jenna's house. The company began soon after in September 2020, then eventually became their first online store. 

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Michigan, United States

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